QDL is currently producing 11 different brands including Whiskey’s, Vodka’s, Gin, Rum and Brandy. The company holds sufficient leverage to add further products based on demand requirements. For various products, flavours are added to the rectified spirit, where the flavours are imported from the UK.

  • QDL Superior Whiskey
  • Quetta Vodka
  • Apple Vodka
  • XXX Rum
  • Rose Gin
  • Club Gin
  • Four Aces Whiskey
  • Very Berry Vodka
  • 2 Hearts Brandy
  • Club London Dry Gin
  • Lychee Gin

These products comes in three different sizes i.e. Qts, Pts & Nps, either packed in Glass or Pet Bottles based on the customer’s specific demand. The different sizes have capacity as follows:

  • 1 Qts Size Box Contains 12 Bottles of 758 ML OR 2 Gallons of Bulk
  • 1 Pts Size Box Contains 24 Bottles of 379 ML OR 2 Gallons of Bulk
  • 1 Nps Box Contains 48 Bottles of 189 ML OR 2 Gallons of Bulk.