The breweries / distilleries are only permitted to sell their products to the authorized retailers who carry licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages from the respective Provincial Excise and Taxation Departments. Accordingly, QDL also supplies its products to the authorized retailers for sale to Non-Muslims and Foreigners only.

QDL is selling its products to an array of licensed customers all across the country; including the registered wine-shops in the provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan, and the hotel industry in the provinces of Punjab and Islamabad capital territory, except the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The primary market for Quetta Distillery products is the Province of Sindh with 68% of total sales due to the Province’s large rural Hindu population and a substantial Christian population in the city of Karachi.

Non-Muslims and foreigners require consumption permits issued by the Provincial Excise & Taxation departments and Islamabad Excise and Taxation branch in the federal territory. In most cases, the local liquor retailors assist their customers for obtaining consumption permits. The import and sale of imported liquor is allowed to the diplomatic bonded warehousing entities under the federal jurisdiction.

Liquor sales are heavily taxed by the provincial governments. The duties levied on the sale of liquor are the highest contributors towards the Provincial Exchequer in Baluchistan while this is the second largest source of revenue generation for the Sindh government.